Autonomous Mobility
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Pilot Projects



Our pilot projects are the first step in testing and implementing self-driving technology in mixed traffic. We test the technology, infrastructure and also the user experience, all to learn more and provide a better service to our users.

The shuttle buses are manned with an operator in each vehicle during the first period of time, ready to answer any questions and they are committed to giving you a positive experience with this new way of moving.

The projects are free of charge, safe and accessible for everyone - come and take a ride with us!



The citizens of Gothenburg, Sweden, are about to experience the benefits of tomorrow's transportation technology in their streets. Starting out on Johanneberg Campus of Chalmers University of Technology, self-driving shuttle buses will increase mobility while showcasing shared and sustainable solutions.


The potential for autonomous buses to provide an accessible and flexible service for users at hospitals is huge. In a pilot project lead by Movia, we are responsible for operating self-driving shuttle buses over three phases: Inside SUH Køge, an outside area at Slagelse Hospital, and between SUH Køge and Ølby Station.


How do we transform a highly divided housing area to a socially sustainable and connected living space? A self-driving, electric shuttle bus moving across the area with access for everyone might be the answer. Follow the large scale pilot project we're planning to launch after the summer of 2018.


In the near future, self-driving buses could replace private cars in inner cities, and the partners in this project are ready to test this on a larger scale. It is the biggest self-driving project in Norway and the ambitions for providing autonomous solutions to the citizens of Oslo, are sky-high. We are planning to launch at the end of 2018.