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 Nordhavn, Denmark

The citizens of Copenhagen can look forward to jumping on a self-driving minibus, when the seafront area Nordhavn will be a part of the large EU-funded AVENUE-project. The project with self-driving buses will show how new technology can connect an urban area, in a safe and sustainable way.


Connecting Nordhavn

Copenhagen will take center stage on the European map over the next four years, thanks to the research and innovation project AVENUE. Parallel with Luxembourg, Geneva and Lyon, Copenhagen will be one of the cities where the self-driving mobility solutions of the future will be demonstrated and implemented.

The Copenhagen based part of the AVENUE-project will be established in the district called Nordhavn, which is a newly developed harbourfront area located just north of central Copenhagen. The residents of this area will be some of the first in Denmark to experience self-driving mini-buses on their streets and thereby have the opportunity to use it as an integrated part of their daily travels. Sustainability and innovation is in focus in the Nordhavn district, so it makes perfect sense to start building a sustainable transport platform in Nordhavn as well.

Read more about the AVENUE project here.


The route

The route has seven stops around the Nordhavn area and travels in a continuous loop. The route has been determined by looking at the existing transport needs in the area. There are shopping and cafe opportunities, which attract visitors and residents alike, great business activity in the area, just as the public swimming area in the harbour attracts a lot of people all throughout the year. By connecting these  localities with the nearby train station and local parking facilities, the area will become more accessible for everyone and connect Nordhavn within its own district, as well as within the greater Copenhagen area.

The route in Nordhavn

The route in Nordhavn


Autonomous Mobility is overall responsible for the Copenhagen based part of the AVENUE project in close collaboration with CPH City & Port Development, Homeowners' association Århusgadekvarteret, The City of Copenhagen, Transport services organisation Movia and Copenhagen Metro.

The AVENUE consortium consists of 16 partners from 7 European countries. Autonomous Mobility is the only Danish partner in the project.

Latest news

In late February 2019 we have officially sent off the final application to the Danish Road Directorate, which means we are one step closer to rolling out the self-driving buses. We will have to await final approval for the project, before we can set a launch date, but this is a big step towards implementing the self-driving buses in Nordhavn. The garage is ready for the buses and we are training our operators daily, so that they can be ready for operations.


Danish press release:

Danish press release:

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