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Press announcement: Self-driving buses in Nordhavn are now one step closer

The self-driving buses have moved a step closer to becoming a reality in the Copenhagen area of Nordhavn. The application for testing the buses in mixed traffic has just been sent off to the Danish Road Directorate.

Autonomous Mobility, the project lead and operator of the buses, has for a long period of time worked together with CPH City & Port Development, the Homeowner’s Association Århusgadekvarteret, The City of Copenhagen, Movia and Metroselskabet, to launch self-driving buses in Nordhavn, which will connect the area in a more sufficient way.

Before the buses can roll out on the streets of Nordhavn, the projects needs to be granted a permission from the Danish Road Directorate and they have just received an application for the project.

“We have been working for a long time on planning the project and producing the application material, which we have just sent in to the Danish Road Directorate. Now, we are really excited about taking the next steps, so we can start to implement the buses”, says Pernille Amstrup Lytzen, Product Development Lead at Autonomous Mobility.


The Homeowner’s Association Arhusgadekvarteret, which is one of the partners in the project, is also excited that the application has been sent off:

“We are looking forward to seeing the project become a reality. It will be really exciting to bring the self-driving buses into the neighborhood and we are looking forward to being and front runner in this area”, says Brian Petersen, Board Member of the Homeowner’s Association Århusgadekvarteret.

Two buses are already waiting in the garage

The project aims to operate on a route that travels along: Murmanskgade - Sandkaj - Gøteborg Plads - Sandkaj - Karlskronagade - Trelleborggade - Corkgade - Århusgade - Murmanskgade. A circular route that totalt roughly 1,3 km.

The first two buses have already moved into the garage in Nordhavn, but Autonomous Mobility is applying for possibly operating four buses in the area, depending on how big the demand turns out to be. The plan is to operate Monday-Friday between 10:00-18:00, and the buses will be free of charge for passengers.

The route for the self-driving buses in Nordhavn.

The route for the self-driving buses in Nordhavn.

“It will be public transport that solves the future’s traffic issues in our big cities, and that’s why it makes sense to support a project with driverless buses in Copenhagen. The project won’t solve traffic issues from day one, but we will gain invaluable experience with self-driving buses in a little corner of Copenhagen”, says Ninna Hedeager Olsen (Ø), Technical and Environmental Mayor in the City of Copenhagen.

CPH City & Port Development also has great expectations for yet another sustainable project in the Nordhavn district.

“Nordhavn is a first-mover in regards to sustainability. No other district in the world is as advanced when it comes to sustainability in homes and demands for certifications. That’s why it is a good fit to also focus on sustainable and green transport solutions”, says CPH City & Port Development CEO Anne Skovbro.

Facts about the project

The self-driving buses in Århusgadekvarteret are a part of the European AVENUE-project, which introduces self-driving vehicles in four major European cities over the course of the next four years.

Besides Nordhavn, self-driving buses will be tested on the streets og Geneva, Lyon and Luxembourg. A total of 16 partners from seven European countries make up the consortium.

The Danish part of the project is lead by Autonomous Mobility, in partnership with CPH City & Port Development, Homeowner’s Association Århusgadekvarteret, The City of Copenhagen, Movia and Metroselskabet.

The AVENUE-project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 76033

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