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Happy May 1st from Autonomous Mobility

Happy May 1st to everyone. We hope everyone will have a great day, at their jobs or at various demonstrations and rallys across the country. It is a festive day, which marks the progress that have been made throughout several decades, but it is also a day that shines a spotlight on issues that still have room for improvement. Good debates and the engagement of the people is always a festive occasion and we really hope for a fantastic and sunny day, all over Denmark.

May 1st made all of us at Autonomous Mobility talk about our own relationship with “the working life” and how long we have been in employment for. When did you get your first job? Was it with an official contract or was it more of a handshake agreement? Between all of us, we have had many different experiences from our first jobs and we have dug deep to find some pictures from the period of time where we first started working. We hope it bring a bit of a laugh for you all, as it did for us…

Design uden navn (2).jpg

Photo 1, Lea: My first job was plucking and sorting through apples at my grandparents’ apple orchard. It later became my dad’s orchard, so I have really spent a lot of summers there! In the picture, I am with my brother and we are sorting through the apples. You can see all the boxes behind us and they would all be filled with apples - it was a pretty big production!

Photo 2, Kresten: My first job was to bring out packages on my bike, for a local bookshop. I started when i was 12, but I didn’t get a proper contract or salary until i was 13. The picture is taken around that time and unfortunately that wasn’t the bike I used for the job, but one could dream!

Photo 3, Jannie: I got my first job at age 15, at a kiosk in a hospital. The best part about the job was going around the hospital with a portable newspaper-stand on a wheelchair engine, which would have magazines and sweets for immobile patients, like those under dialysis treatment. The picture is from my 15th birthday, where I was given a jar of coins and rice, which I’m sorting through.


Photo 1, Peter: My first job was working in the back of a little local shop, where I would sort through bottles and goods in the storeroom. I would write which sodas and beers we needed to get, on the cardboard from a carton of cigarettes (the owner didn’t want to spend money on a notepad and tried to get out of paying me every month). Sometimes I would also bring out groceries to old ladies that had phoned in their order.

Photo 2, Anne Rosa: My first job was as a church singer, and as I generally really enjoyed singing, it was a perfect fit. The picture is sadly not from a church, but from a different choir performance during that same awkward teenage phase in my life - I think it’s from 2001, where the pieces of hair and washed-out jeans were the highest fashion.

Photo 3, Christian: I was 14 years old when i started my first job, which was packing orders for a camera shop. I helped preparing and packing camera and lighting equipment, so it was ready for pick-up or delivery. The picture is from Universal Studios Florida, where I went on holiday just before I started the job.


Photo 1, Christian: My first job was at age 13, where I would set up books at the school library, when they were returned. The picture of me is from around the same time when I started the job. Just like in that picture, I still love computers and technology, so that’s one thing that’s really stuck.

Photo 2, Ditte: My first job was bringing out newspapers and I started when I was 13. I didn’t take me long to realize that the low pay wasn’t worth it! My parents would help me pack the newspapers out of pity, so I think they appreciated my early resignation.

Photo 3, Jacob: Just like a lot of other people, my first job was bringing out newspapers. I was 13-14 years old and as the luxury guy I was, I managed to get a route which was indoors, in a shopping centre called Rosengårdscentret. So it was not very typical for a newspaper route, but I didn’t mind that at all!

Anne Rosa Simonsen