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Aalborg Municipality and Mobility Autonomous embark on a unique partnership to roll out self-driving buses


PRESS RELEASE: Following a bidding round, Aalborg Municipality has selected Autonomous Mobility as their partner in their development project to roll out self-driving shuttle buses in East Aalborg. In this project, the municipality of Aalborg and Autonomous Mobility will introduce self-driving shuttle buses during a trial period of at least two years.

How do we transform a severely isolated residential area into a socially sustainable and connected urban space? One innovative solution is to incorporate self-driving electric shuttle buses to connect areas and ensure better mobility for everyone.

The new self-driving technology project in East Aalborg intends to do exactly that. In cooperation with Aalborg University and the North Jutland Transport Company, Aalborg Municipality has laid the foundations for a unique research and development project. And in choosing Autonomous Mobility as their operator and partner, the project is now one step closer to becoming reality.

Mette Skamris Holm, department manager at the municipality of Aalborg, says:

“We’ve worked for a long time to bring driverless buses to the Astrupstien route in East Aalborg, for the benefit of all residents and institutions in the area. By choosing Autonomous Mobility as our operator, we’ve gained a competent and experienced partner. Now we’ll put all of our efforts into getting the necessary permits from the authorities so that we can roll out the shuttle buses onto the roads of East Aalborg by the end of the summer holiday in 2018.”

Jakob Münter, business developer at Autonomous Mobility, says:

“Self-driving shuttle buses will be of great value to the citizens of East Aalborg – an area with a high need for flexible and sustainable transportation that’s available to everyone. The East Aalborg project is extremely exciting and we’re looking forward to offering the residents a brand new way to get around. During the course of the project, we’ll have lots of opportunity to test a fully-driverless service. We’ll also gather unique knowledge about how and if self-driving buses will ensure better connectivity and increased safety in the area.”

The East Aalborg pilot project

The project in East Aalborg aims to enhance mobility using self-driving technology, allowing more people to travel in a simple, secure and sustainable way. The purpose of the project is as follows:

  • To increase the mobility in the area

  • To mobilize a group of citizens who currently experience limited mobility

  • To link the residential area to other means of public transportation in surrounding areas

  • To make East Aalborg a pioneer in terms of self-driving technology

  • To increase safety in the area as well as create local ownership of the shuttles

  • To contribute to current knowledge about the intersection of technology, cities and people

Electric shuttle buses with a capacity of up to 14 passengers will be mobilized on a 2.1 kilometer stretch of the newly-renovated Astrupsti in East Aalborg. The buses will share lanes with bicycles while pedestrians get their own marked paths. There will be 10 stops on the route and the buses will run every 15 minutes.

To begin with, Autonomous Mobility will have an operator on each bus to ensure passengers have a positive experience using the new technology. As the project is a trial, the operation will undergo continuous optimization.

Transforming Denmark into a self-driving country

Autonomous Mobility is a Danish startup owned by Semler Gruppen A/S. The company’s headquarters are located in Kgs. Lyngby but they currently span eight countries. Autonomous Mobility is the first Danish company to submit an application for a permit to carry out actual pilot projects with self-driving vehicles.


  • During the trial period, use of the buses will be free of charge.

  • The buses are 100% electric and recharge in a garage facility associated with the route.

  • The buses have the ability to run autonomously at level 4 and can navigate through the use of sensors as well as LiDAR-technology.

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Contact information
For further information, journalists may contact Anne Rosa Simonsen, Communications Lead, on +45 2063 3133,
Aalborg Municipality contact: Mette Skamris Holm, Head of Department, +45 9931 2350, or Maria Vestergaard, ITS Team Coordinator, +45 9931 2329.