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Happy International Women's Day


At Autonomous Mobility we are six fierce ladies who are doing our part in making sure that we see some autonomous vehicles on the road very soon. We support and praise women all over the world who are working hard and making their mark. Whether in teaching, technology, healthcare, science, or something entirely different, we salute women everywhere.

The six of us have landed ourselves in an industry that isn’t exactly overrun by women! Automotive and tech industries are typically male dominated, which can seem intimidating and maybe deter some people from trying to get a job in these kinds of sectors. It might have been considered a “boys-only” club before, but it is important to encourage more women to join this industry.

Women and men are said to approach and view problems differently, which means they can offer varied perspectives on problem solving. With different skill sets and approaches, we ensure a diverse workforce, which can benefit any industry so much. If we want successful businesses, we must make sure all genders are represented in a workplace and in all industries.

This past year has certainly put a spotlight on women’s rights and there is a very special momentum at the moment, which is important to keep going - and to act upon. In our everyday lives, in the media and in our workplaces, we should keep moving forward and working towards more equality.

We are rooting for more women to step into the tech industry and help shatter the stereotypical ideas people have of this sector. Stereotypes are not doing anyone any favours and it shouldn’t hold any of us back.