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The first operators are ready to roll

Winter is slowly losing its grip to a mild spring breeze, and Easter is close at hand. Autonomous Mobility is geared to handle lightning-paced development – and yet, we must admit that looking back on the past three months makes us feel a little dizzy. In a good way, of course!

First and foremost, we’ve made a big announcement: We have been selected as the operator and partner for a developmental project in East Aalborg. The basis of the large-scale project is the vision to transform East Alborg into a connected and socially sustainable region, and once we mobilize our self-driving shuttle buses on the central road (called the Astrupsti) after the summer holiday, citizens will enjoy increased mobility, social cohesion and security. The area is currently undergoing extensive renovation as seen in the pictures below.


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News from the office – and a brand new office

Internally, a lot has happened as well. Due to the high demand for new projects from clients and partners, and with the upcoming launch of our very first pilot project, we’ve needed more man power on all teams - Business Development, MarCom and Operations. As such, we’ve welcomed four new talented colleagues: Marketing Coordinator Jannie Andersen, Business Developer Kresten Harala Arup, Technology and Data Lead Christian Bering and Project Coordinator Michael Skibsted.


When we move out on the roads, we’re initially going to designate an operator to each bus to ensure that our users have a positive experience with the new technology. It will also be the operators’ responsibility to step in if manual assistance is needed. We’ve recently finished training our first group of operators to carry out this crucial task. The operators have been thoroughly educated on the functions of the vehicle as well as on their technology, and have undergone training in the fields of conflict prevention, communication and first aid.

Our new operators Matz and Anders - and highlights from their training.

Our new operators Matz and Anders - and highlights from their training.

Did you see…?

As well as the nice report in the February issue of Euroman, we were featured on TV2 Fyn on February 26th when our CEO Peter talked about the upcoming debut of self-driving vehicles on the roads.

On Women’s Day on the 8th March, we made a call for greater diversity in the tech and auto industry, and have a particular focus on our own representation of female employees.


Furthermore, we’ve been active in the congestion debate that flourished in the beginning of the year and continues to be relevant today. The Transport Ministry’s expert team on future mobility just released a report, which clearly shows that congestion, especially in and around major cities, poses a growing threat if we don’t take action now. Self-driving carpooling and a more sophisticated network of mobility may be crucial to the solution