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A few facts about our team - 2018

Over the course of the past year, one thing has been a particular focus for us, both on our online platforms as well as in our daily life at the office: recruitment! We’re getting more and more tasks to solve, which requires a greater number of talented people on our team so that we can reach our goals, both in terms of applications and projects. For this reason, we’ve welcomed one or two new employees a month over the past year. It has meant that things have been a little busy on the recruitment front, and that our team has been a constantly shifting entity, one that we’re barely accustomed to before it changes again. Having started the year as a team of 12 people, we’re finishing off as 29. It’s crazy to look back on. This growth also meant that we ended up needing a larger office, which is why we moved to a bigger space in May. We’re thrilled to have everyone on board for our self-driving journey, especially as each and every employee contributes to our amazing culture and team spirit.

Our team as it stands in December 2018 – a bit bigger than a year ago!

Our team as it stands in December 2018 – a bit bigger than a year ago!

Welcoming our new operators

We’ve started recruiting operators for our buses this year - it’s an entirely new function on the team. A lot of people ask us what an operator actually does, considering that “the buses know how to drive on their own?”. And that’s right! The buses do drive on their own and they do it using a ton of technological tools and software that can be almost impossible to wrap your head around – which means they’re hard to trust. And this is where the operators come in – their job is to act as a kind of bus ‘host’; to answer any questions and explain how the technology works to passengers. They’re also our eyes and ears for the first pilot projects, as it is of great interest to us to hear about people’s experiences, as well as their opinions about our buses. As such, the operator role is actually one of the most important roles in our company, and we’re happy to have six of them on board for our pilot projects in Denmark. Lars, Andreas, Torben, Flemming, Jacob and Omer are now in training for their new roles. They’re being trained in crisis management, first aid, communication and, of course, the operation of the buses, meaning they’ll be more than prepared when they hit the roads by the beginning of the new year. We’re overjoyed to have welcomed them to our team and look forward to taking the next big step of our journey with them by our side.

Business structure and a new branch in Oslo

When a team grows from 12 to 29 people, it does affect the structure of a company. We’ve always had a very “flat” business structure, which comes naturally when you’re practically sitting inches apart in a small work space – and we’ve loved it! After moving to our larger space in the office community of Futurebox in May, we’ve tried to maintain this open office environment. Our office is still an open space with everyone sat together in the same room. Likewise, the flat structure is still prominent, but tasks have been divided across several ‘departments’ in the team, and some employees now have updated job titles to better match their tasks. Finally, all departments have been boosted with new staff during the year, meaning we face 2019 stronger on every front.

On another note, we’re about to open a brand new branch of our company in Oslo, Norway, as we’re launching a major pilot project with Rutor. It’s a very ambitious project, which means it’ll be quite a task to get everything in motion. That’s why we’ve hired an employee in Oslo to manage some of the countless tasks that will need to be solved both locally in Norway, as well as in with the rest of us back in Lyngby. Hans Freidberg has been hired as a Project Planning Manager as of 10.12.2018 and has been with us in our office in Lyngby up until Christmas. In the new year, he will move to Oslo to work on our new, exciting project. A lot of us will be visiting Oslo regularly to help him out with things like communications and management related tasks, so he won’t be completely rid of us on the other side of the New Year. However, we’ve been so happy to have him with us for December, as it’s allowed us all to get to know each other. We’re excited to open a branch in another country and look forward to seeing where it’s all headed. 2019 is looking to be an amazing year – in terms of employees as well as all the new projects we’re launching. It’ll be great!

Hans Fridberg, Project Planning Manager

Hans Fridberg, Project Planning Manager

Anne Rosa Simonsen