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New year, new faces

The year has got off to a great start in our headquarters in Lyngby. An office where we are slowly running out of space, so we have had to play a bit of musical chairs to fit everyone in. But any self-respecting start-up company will always find room for one more person on the team, with the help of a bit of creativity.

Latest addition to our team is our talented Marketing Coordinator, Jannie Andersen, who had her first day in the office on January 2nd. She is going to be running our social media, planning events and doing all things creative and with her in charge of our digital presence we have a strong communications team.This is really important, when we will be on the roads with our pilot projects.

Three of our newest additions: Lea, Thomas and Jannie

Three of our newest additions: Lea, Thomas and Jannie

The picture Thomas is holding, is a nice indication of how fast things are moving for us. It was taken at the end of summer, where our team was 9 people strong - now we are 13, with more to come. Hold on tight, cause we are gearing up!