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This is why we believe in an autonomous future

If you ask a driver today if they would exchange their current car with a self-driving one, more than half of them would say no.

This past weekend, JP’s Financial section focussed on the challenges of switching to autonomous vehicles in the article "De selvkørende biler kommer - men så rammer de virkeligheden". On of the main points in the article is a survey, which makes some people draw the rushed conclusion that autonomous vehicles donøt have a place on the roads.

That’s not how we see it at all.

The fact of the matter is that very few Danes actually know what an autonomous vehicle is capable of or how it even works and even fewer people have had an experience in an autonomous vehicle.

We have had several groups of people visiting us for a drive on the test-track . People who were sceptical at first, but who changed their minds after going to a test-drive. It was actually quite pleasant to drive. It navigates safely and reacts to obstructions immediately. And imagine what you could do with all the time, you would previously waste with your hands on the steering wheel?

The self-driving bus Arma at our DTU test-track.

The self-driving bus Arma at our DTU test-track.

Of course it takes time to get used to a new technology and implementation is also a learning proces in itself. That is why we are working hard on getting some vehicles on the road as soon as possible, so many more potential users will have the opportunity to try the autonomous future.