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We are expanding the team

From August 1st we have hired Anne Rosa Simonsen as our Communications Lead. She will be in charge of telling the story of the self-driving future and what we’re working with. And she will do so, in words as well as images.

Anne Rosa has previously worked for The Ministry of Justice, where she advised on all things communication and press related issues, during five different minster postings. She had her first self-driving experience today, when she was taken for a test-run in Arma, on our closed-off testing area at the DTU campus.

Fra 1. august 2017 har vi ansat Anne Rosa Simonsen som vores Communications Lead. Hun vil stå i spidsen for opgaven med at fortælle om den selvkørende fremtid, vi arbejder på. I både ord og billeder. 

Anne Rosa kommer fra Justitsministeriet, hvor hun har rådgivet om kommunikation og presse under fem forskellige ministre. I dag har hun for første gang oplevet de selvkørende hjul på jorden ved en prøvekørsel af Arma på vores lukkede testareal ved DTU.

Self-driving Arma, test-driving at DTU.

Self-driving Arma, test-driving at DTU.

Anne Rosa Simonsen