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An introduction to self-driving vehicles

Just over two years ago, we started an ambitious project: We wanted to be the first provider of self-driving vehicles in Denmark, the Nordics and Baltic Region. Now, we have finally reached the point where we can start to shed some light on what we’re working on, and why matters to you.

We are a part of Denmark’s biggest importer of cars, Semler, who have brought new technology to the country through their partnership with the Volkswagen Group for the past 100 years. It’s therefore a natural step for them to, yet again, follow the technical development and introduce self-driving vehicles in Denmark.

We are starting with Olli. Olli is produced by Local Motors, an american company that since 2007 has been working on 3D printing of vehicle components, creating self-driving vehicles and integrated IBM Watson, so the vehicles are even more intelligent.

The first Olli arrived in Denmark March 22nd this years and we are currently showing it to potential clients, via testdrives on an enclosed area at The Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby. If you are interested in discussing the commercial opportunities with Olli and going for a test drive, click here

The opportunities are endless for a smart, light, electric vehicle like Olli.

We are already seeing comment from municipalities, who want to use self-driving minibuses to transport older citizens back and forth between their homes and appointments, while providing care for them during the trip. Some municipalities wish to help busy families with their daily commutes to/from school and after-school activities, and other municipalities wish to offer a better public transport solution in their town centres.

We are seeing transport companies, that wish to connect existing stations with the passengers’ start and end destination, private businesses that want to use self-driving vehicles on their campus for their employees and for visitors. And we are seeing cities where municipality, developers and landowners agree that self-driving vehicles improve quality of life for all their citizens, which also increases the value of the area as a whole.

There is still a way to go before self-driving minibuses have become a “normal” part of the cityscape, but it’s going to develop very quickly. Once the law on testing self-driving is approved by Danish Parliament sometime this summer, we expect to have several projects in the pipeline, that will illustrate why we think, the future will be self-driving, shared and sustainable.

If you, your municipality or your company is interested in hearing a bit more about our plans and the possibilities with self-driving vehicles, then please click here

Anne Rosa Simonsen