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From all of us, to all of you: Advent presents for the brain!

Christmas on self-driving wheels. Photo credits: Navya Group.

Christmas on self-driving wheels. Photo credits: Navya Group.

Learn everything we know about self-driving technology.

The month of December offers a lot of empty calories. Cookies, cheesy decorations, reruns on TV and chocolate calendars.

We would like to raise the bar. That’s why the Autonomous Mobility Facebook page will offer you a little present, every day throughout the month of December. In short, we will share everything we know about self-driving technology. Articles, report or statistics. Good and solid calories for your brain, based on facts.

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Let’s be honest. Keeping up is difficult, when things are developing and progressing at rapid speed. The people who work with these issues, day in and day out, know how LiDARs work, what a level-4 vehicle can do and how a car is even able to drive on its own. But for everyone else, who do not have time to keep up every day, these issues are not shorthand! Where should you start, if you just want to know what’s up and down?

Well, you should strat with reading the first present we have got lined up for December 1st. We start off with some basic terms, vehicles and legislations - and we hope you will stay tuned for the rest of the month and share with anyone who could be interested in learning more about the autonomous future.

Expand your knowledge, every day in December at:

Merry Christmas!