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We are freeing up your time - you're welcome!

You are used to sitting in your car, with your hands on the steering wheel and feet firmly placed on the pedals, when you’re driving. In the future, you will be able to free up your hand, feet and attention. Time wasted in transport will be given back to you. For reading or relaxing. Engaging with the people around you. It’s your choice!

Morning assembly, coffee and autonomous technology in perfect harmony.

Morning assembly, coffee and autonomous technology in perfect harmony.

In Autonomous Mobility we have had a little morning assembly and worked in the bus for a whole day, while it was driving around a track. With a capacity of 11 seated and 3 standing passenger., one can easily imagine some scout troupes practicing their knots on their way to camp. The study group could go over their curriculum from on end of campus, to the auditorium where they’re having their exam. The sommelier could get home safely, without having to hire a driver. The band could do their warm-up routine on their was to the gig. Only your imagination is the limit!

Our older citizens with walking difficulties, are too isolated. Many of them depend on their adult children being able to drive them around, when they have doctor’s appointments, a visit to the optician or in need of a trip to the supermarket. In the same way, we have a problem with children who get out of school early, where the parents often needs a cargo bike or a car, in order to be able to carry sportsgear or instruments for their after-school activities. With autonomous technology, we can offer mobility for wider group of people. We can prioritise spending time with the people we care about, where we can focus on each other and not on the car in front of us.

We want to bring back conversations between strangers on public transport. What if you could share your commute to work with someone who’s got interesting perspectives on stuff that interests you? We are toying with this idea of making the self-driving bus a form of social media. A space where you - if you want to - can be matchet with other “mobilitsts”, who might have similar interests as you, or have knowledge about something that interests you.

Regardless, we would like to give you back your time. Life is too short to be wasted away in traffic, with your hands fixed on a steering wheel.

Uanset hvad vil vi gerne give dig din tid tilbage. Livet er for kort til at spilde væk i en bilkø med hænderne på rattet.