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Year 1 with autonomous vehicles - and next steps

Self-driving Arma at SingularityU Denmark Summit at Operaen, October 23.-24.

Self-driving Arma at SingularityU Denmark Summit at Operaen, October 23.-24.

It is difficult to predict the future. Really difficult. In the future, you will have needs that you can’t even imagine today. Henry Ford famously said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”. And it makes sense, because who at that time could have imagined a horseless vehicle, when they hadn’t even seen or tried one yet? (Read: Who can imagine a driveless vehicle, when they haven’t even seen or tried one yet?)

The goal for Autonomous Mobility is to change transport patterns, to benefit people, society and the planet, with technology that is developing rapidly. We don’t believe it when some people say that society won’t have implemented autonomous solutions for another 30-50 years.

On the contrary, it will probably move a lot faster than what most people expect, if the legislative authorities also keeps up its progressive tempo. Here is our plan for how we want to introduce autonomous vehicles in Denmark, step-by-step.


Step 1: Start-up and legislation

Our company was founded a year ago and today we are 9 employees, with more to come. The business is expanding in all areas and we have become synonymous with self-driving technology in Denmark. Our first big milestone was met this summer, when the legislation concerning self-driving vehicles was approved.

Step 2: Pilot projects

The next big milestone will be the approvals from the authorities and rolling out our first pilot projects. We will be driving on some set routes, with self-driving shuttlebuses that are manned with a steward for the first period of time in the projects, in order to help people feel comfortable with the technology and driving in a vehicle without an actual driver. 

Step 3: On-demand service

In some cases, the pilot projects can be extended and new customers will ask for fixed route operations. This could be first/last mile solutions, between train stations and residential areas, or large-scale business and university campuses. Timetables won’t be necessary, as the vehicles themselves will go to the pint of their route, where users wish to get on - and the number of vehicles needed to supply the demand can be adjusted.

Step 4: Subscribing to autonomous mobility

Entire cities will be mapped and the software inside the vehicles will be able ti navigate fully autonomously - completely without human involvement. At that time, we will offer a subscription for mobility, so you no longer will need to buy a car - in stead you can order the vehicle (or drone) that best suits your need, depending on your need at that specific time. We are developing a mobility cloud, which will be the platform you can roder your vehicle form.

Step 5: Now you play along!

We have just been a guest at SingularityU Denmark Summit at the Copenhagen Opera House, where we were given a lot of helpful input and had many inspiring conversations about our business model. We would love to talk to more people and get even more feedback and inspiration, so we can make autonomous technology a bigger part of your daily life in 2, 5, 10 and 15 years. Please write to us on our social media channels and come meet us at various events.