Autonomous Mobility
Helpful. Simple. Seamless.




Helpful. Simple. Seamless.

Autonomous Mobility is building mobility solutions in the Nordics and Baltics based on autonomous technology.

We're introducing a whole new way of moving that will fundamentally change society - and improve people's lives. We're providing self-driving solutions starting on campus and in cities, helping communities move together.

Imagine getting from A to B without the hassle. Just push a button, and we'll send you a vehicle with the capacity you need, to bring you to your destination.

Let's reclaim the time lost in congestion. Let's share the solutions and choose sustainability. Let's rethink transportation.

Contact us to become a frontrunner in self-driving mobility.

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Let's reclaim the time lost in congestion

Traveling and commuting is not so much about what vehicle you travel in. Most of us just want to get to our destination on time and in a convenient way. Time lost in congestion is time we will never get back. And the problem is growing, as we’re seeing more cars on the roads. What if you could use your time spent during transport in a meaningful way? And what if intelligent, connected fleet management and fewer road accidents could reverse the problem of congestion? 


A sustainable future of transport

Who said that driving more equals more pollution? All of our vehicles are 100% electric and therefore emissionfree. But sustainability is more than that. To us, it also means using the capacity and flexibility of the vehicles to reduce congestion. Riding with others that are going the same way as yourself, guarantees the best use of capacity in the vehicles and on the roads. Sharing is caring.

In time we want to build micro factories in Denmark, making us capable of 3D printing customized cars locally to complement the existing import.

let's rethink transportation

Humans are flawed drivers. Sorry to say it, but we are terrible at calculating speed and distance compared to a computer. Also, we sometimes drive while being tired, drunk or texting, and we have all kinds of distractions that take our eyes off the road.

Our autonomous vehicles are always alert. They scan the surroundings in 360 degrees, constantly adjusting to the people and objects around them. So take a seat and do what you like. Work, talk, read or take a nap. 

Transportation can be so much better! And imagine what a city will look like, once you remove all the parked cars!