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Autonomous Mobility is the leading operator of self-driving vehicles in the Nordics.

We build mobility solutions based on self-driving technology.

This means that getting from A to B becomes more safe. Our vehicles have no blind angles, they react immediately, and they never get distracted.

This means that transport becomes more sustainable. Our vehicles are 100% electric, and the solution is shared, optimizing the capacity.

And finally, we will all get more time on our hands. The time spent today behind the steering wheel can be spent as you please, once the vehicle steers itself. With fewer road accidents the traffic will move smoother, and we will all reach our destinations faster.



Autonomous Mobility is introducing self-driving vehicles to Denmark, Scandinavia and the Baltics. Our vision is to create new mobility with shared, sustainable and autonomous solutions.

Autonomous Mobility was established November 2016 in Copenhagen as an independent start-up funded by Semler Group, and since then we have been working intensely to get wheels on solid ground. We have already applied for permission to conduct concrete pilot projects.

We have a dedicated team of 6 full-time employees and 3 students. We have different backgrounds and competences, but what we have in common is a strong team spirit and high ambitions to create sustainable mobility with autonomous technology.

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We offer

We offer

Our self-driving service


democratizing mobility

Autonomous Mobility imports autonomous and 100% electric vehicles to answer the need for mobility in Denmark and the region.

Besides importing we also operate the vehicles. In short, we take care of all the technical, logistic and safety-related aspects of the self-driving solutions.

With our self-driving service we complement the means of transportation available today. That way we create new mobility in city areas, on campus, and on the last mile between the train station and the destination.

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How we introduce self-driving mobility

From cars to mobility

Technology has leapt forward with giant steps in a very short time. Today we have vehicles that are fully able to navigate even in mixed traffic without human involvement.

The most developed models are ready in our garage. But we introduce the self-driving solutions step by step to secure the necessary time to adjust.


SELf-driving pilot projects

The Danish bill on self-driving vehicles has made it possible to apply for permission to conduct pilots with self-driving vehicles in a limited period on a certain area.

We have already sent our first application to the authorities in order to start up pilot projects with partners before 2018. In step one we are making shuttle routes with autonomous mini-busses with the capacity of 8-14 passengers at a time.


The self-driving society

We believe that the mobility of tomorrow is autonomous, sustainable and shared.

That’s why we are building a mobility cloud based on these three values. We work on a on-demand service allowing for the users to be transported door to door with self-driving vehicles. When autonomous vehicles become an integrated part of the cityscape, you will as a user define your transportation needs yourself - and order your solution via Autonomous Mobility’s mobility cloud. Minutes after you will get picked up exactly at your location.

In the morning you may ride a shared mini-bus with others going the same way.

To and from your meeting at work you get a ride from a small city car. And when you leave for a weekend at the country with your family, a large vehicle with room for everyone and your bags will drive you. Who knows, maybe a self-flying car will pick you up, when you need to travel a bit further.

At the end of the day, you - or your goods - have used several sustainable, autonomous vehicles. All of which have been costumized your specific needs to get door to door in time.


3D printed vehicles

In Autonomous Mobility we see a huge potential in building micro factories in Denmark, making us capable of 3D printing cars locally.

The cars we plan to print will be highly specialized to suit the needs of our clients. They will complement the existing import from the large car brands, while giving remarkable environmental benefits due to the local production.





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